Peachy Speech

Speech Pathology with a Passion for Young Communicators

Empowering people to develop their communication skills and confidence!

Speech Pathology in Gippsland: Powered by Local Expertise and Trust

Assessments Core Purpose


We provide a comprehensive suite of speech pathology assessments to evaluate communication skills. This detailed approach ensures a clear roadmap for communication development.

Speech Pathology Literacy


We are passionate about helping people develop their reading and writing abilities. We utilise the Multisensory Structured Language approach, a method that incorporates multiple learning styles to enhance understanding and retention.

Focussed on Trust

At our core, we believe in building trust through transparency. We deliver services openly and with accountability, and we prioritise constant feedback to ensure everyone involved is on the same page.

We empower people to develop their communication skills and confidence!

By addressing concerns early on, we help people reach their full potential.

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Kids on park bench reading

Why Choose Us

Experience you can trust: Our team boasts extensive experience, ensuring you receive the best possible service.

Local expertise, global knowledge: We understand the unique needs of our community while staying informed about the latest advancements in our field.

Engaging sessions, lasting results: We create a positive and interactive environment, making therapy not just effective but enjoyable.
Tailored solutions, personalised success: We create a plan that fits your specific goals and needs, maximising your potential for growth.

Don't wait to address communication difficulties

Early intervention is critical for minimising long-term impacts. By seeking our services now, you can proactively address these challenges and boost confidence. We can help you build strong communication skills, confidence and overall well-being.

Innika Buhagiar

Innika Buhagiar

Founder/Speech Pathologist

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