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At Peachy Speech, we’re passionate about helping people of all ages unlock their communication potential! Based in Traralgon, we serve the Gippsland area.We address concerns early on, paving the way for success. Whether you are needing a boost with reading or looking to improve your speech clarity, we’re here to empower you with the skills and confidence to communicate effectively.

We take a personalised approach to therapy, starting with a thorough assessment to understand your unique needs. From there, we build a customised plan using engaging techniques and proven methods like the Multisensory Structured Language (MSL) approach for literacy development. We believe in open communication and collaboration, working closely with families and educators to ensure everyone is on the same page and progress is consistent.
So, if you’re looking for a supportive and effective speech pathology practice, look no further than Peachy Speech!

Ready to see what you can achieve? Contact us today to schedule a consultation and let’s chat about how we can help you reach your communication goals.

Innika Buhagiar

Innika Buhagiar

Founder/Speech Pathologist

Hi there! I’m Innika, a Speech Pathologist with a Heart for Young Communicators
I’ve been a Certified Practising Speech Pathologist in the Gippsland region for over 10 years now, and my passion lies in working with school aged children and early years learners. Seeing the magic of early intervention firsthand truly inspires me.
In fact, my own two energetic young ones play a big role in my approach! They keep me on my toes and I’m constantly thinking of new, innovative ways to make speech therapy fun and engaging for this generation.
As a passionate speech pathologist, I find immense joy in witnessing the confidence blossom in the children I work with as they develop their communication skills. I thrive on combining evidence-based techniques with engaging activities. I bring an engaging communication style to every session, using my creativity to innovate practical ideas that motivate children to do their absolute best.

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