Peachy Speech

Focussed on Trust

Building Trust Together: Our Collaborative Approach

We believe in building trust through open communication and collaboration with families:

  • Family Involvement: We encourage families to attend their child’s appointments. If appointments are occurring at their child’s school, preschool or daycare facility, families can either attend in person or virtually via telehealth (pending a suitable internet connection). This allows parents and caregivers to observe therapy techniques firsthand.
  • Telehealth for Flexibility: Telehealth appointments offer another layer of convenience, allowing families to participate from a comfortable and familiar environment.
  • Seamless School Support: With parental consent, we can share the telehealth link securely with school staff for observation purposes. This ensures consistency across environments and allows for open communication with educators. We work together to ensure everyone involved is on the same page.
  • Consistent Practice: We understand the importance of reinforcing skills learnt during sessions. We’ll discuss strategies for practising at home, and in some instances, may offer a personalised online homework subscription.
  • Transparency through Communication: After each session, you’ll receive a summary letter via email outlining key points discussed and next steps.

Together, we can create a supportive environment to help your child reach their full potential!

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