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Speech Pathology Assessments

Unlocking Communication Potential: Assessments at Peachy Speech

At Peachy Speech, we understand the importance of a thorough and accurate assessment as the foundation for effective speech therapy. Our team of qualified speech pathologists provides a comprehensive suite of assessments designed to evaluate a wide range of communication skills.

Benefits of Our Speech Pathology Assessments:

  • Detailed Analysis: We go beyond simply identifying strengths and weaknesses. Our in-depth assessments pinpoint areas where targeted therapy can have the greatest impact, creating a clear roadmap for communication development.
  • Tailored Approach: We utilise a combination of informal and standardised tests, carefully selected based on an individual’s unique needs and abilities. This ensures a precise and personalised assessment experience.
  • Actionable Insights: Following a comprehensive assessment, you will receive a clear and informative report outlining your child’s communication profile. This report serves as a springboard for developing an individualised therapy program that directly addresses an individual’s specific needs.

Why Choose Speech Pathology Assessments?

Accurate information is crucial. Assessments provide a clear picture of an individual’s current communication strengths and difficulties, enabling us to develop the most effective interventions. Without a proper assessment, it’s challenging to determine the specific support your child needs.

Assessment Options:

We recognise that every family’s situation is unique. Peachy Speech offers a flexible approach to assessments:

  • Screening Assessment: These quick evaluations (often less than 30 minutes) are designed to identify potential developmental delays. The speech pathologist may use observations, speech samples, checklists, or formal screening tools, and their knowledge of typical development patterns, to see if there are any “red flags” that might warrant a full assessment.
  • Comprehensive Assessment: We provide a comprehensive suite of speech pathology assessments to evaluate a wide range of communication skills. Our in-depth analyses will not only identify current strengths but also pinpoint areas where targeted therapy can have the greatest impact. This in-depth evaluation provides a complete picture of an individual’s communication skills, laying the groundwork for a targeted therapy program.
  • Assessment-Only Service: This option is ideal for children on waiting lists for therapy, requiring NDIS or school funding assessments, or those seeking a starting point for home-based intervention.

At Peachy Speech, we believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to thrive in communication. Our assessments empower us to create a personalised roadmap for success, unlocking an individual’s full communication potential.

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